Felix Mimó Sensei

Mimó Sensei teaches our Aiki-Tots classes where he loves to play with the children and teach them some of the fundamentals of Aikido. He currently holds the rank of 4th Kyu at Zenshinkan Dojo. He began his Aikido training in the early 1990's, and returned to it in 2009 after a long break from the art. Learning under Robert Caron Sensei until his retirement in 2016 and Aimée Bel Sensei, along with his other Aikido students is one of his weekly passions. He is especially interested in the fluid and natural movement that Aikido provides and how action is married to timing and the breath. Felix wishes to blend a very bold spirit of the Samurai with a softness of a monk to his training.

By trade Mimó Sensei is a web designer and an artist. In his free time he can be found painting, sculpting and throwing pottery, riding his mountain bike, or playing and learning at the dojo. He is the proud father of three children, all of whom are students at the dojo as well.