Youth Aikido Programs at Zenshinkan Dojo

“Through dynamic movement and martial discipline, we teach children that love and compassion will serve to protect them.”

- Aimée Bel Sensei,
Director, Zenshinkan Youth Aikido Program

Aikido is a non-violent martial art. We do not teach your child how to fight. We teach them how not to fight! When many martial arts teach children that anger and aggression are tools to be exploited, we teach children that love, compassion and presence will serve to protect you. When many martial arts teach children about winning and losing through competition, we teach them about cooperation. In Aikido, your child discovers their true power and capabilities as a human being and learns to protect themselves through authentic martial arts training, while learning virtues of cooperation, respect, self-discipline and many valuable lessons that will carry through their entire lives!

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Aiki-Tots (4 - 6 years):

The Aiki Tots program focuses on having a fun and engaging experience for children who are not yet ready to perform full Aikido techniques with a partner. We focus on expanding the child's awareness of their body in space using lots of basic Aikido movements. Tots will develop focus, confidence, and interpersonal skills through games and group activities, as well as valuable lessons of cooperation, gratitude, respect, and compassion.

Download our Zenshinkan Tots Program(PDF)


Children's Aikido (7 - 12 years):

We provide children an experience of martial arts in a cooperative, supportive and empowering environment where they will learn self-defense and virtuous behavior through Aikido. Students learn the fundamental self-defense techniques of Aikido, while at the same time developing physically, mentally, and socially. Students learn self discipline, coordination, and discover their own inner strength. Students also learn to apply the principles of focus, cooperation and social responsibility in their daily lives. The only person a child is encouraged to challenge is him/herself. Classes in the Youth Program are designed to be stimulating and fun. Aikido teaches children how to focus their emotions, be sensitive to the energy and environment around them, and take action that is appropriate for their circumstances. Aikido techniques teach children how to blend with an attack, redirect aggressive energy and seek a decisive, yet peaceful, resolution to conflict.

Download our Zenshinkan Childrens Program (PDF)


Teen's Aikido (13 - 17 years):

The Teen program will provide an opportunity for teenagers to develop as mature martial artists while cultivating qualities that will help them navigate adolescence and the rest of their lives. Teens will learn skills of self-defense, develop a regular regimen of physical fitness, and build confidence, awareness, and self-control. The teen program is designed to be a place in which teens can find ways to access their own potential, to become engaged and mature young people ready to make a difference in their world. All Teen program members will be invited to attend all Teen classes as well as Adult Aikido classes. It is necessary to speak with the instructor prior to enrollment. We look forward to your family becoming a part of Youth Aikido Program at Zenshinkan Dojo.

Download our Zenshinkan Teens Program (PDF)