Zenshinkan Kanji
   about us

“From our training in sitting and moving, we approach our original nature - and as a snake naturally leaves its old skin behind, so do we leave our false ideas and pierce through the illusion of dualism.”

~ Haupt Sensei
Founder Zenshinkan Dojo


Aikido Classes


Zenshinkan Dojo is a place where Aikido and Zen training are offered concurrently to create a program of shugyo: intense spiritual, physical and mental training. Zenshinkan is the Japanese name of our dojo given to us by F. Toyoda Shihan, and represents the unique character of our dojo and the brand of training that we offer.


Our commitment is to create a sincere training environment in which to pass on authentic instruction in Aikido, Zen meditation, and Japanese fine arts.


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