Upcoming Events

Internals Seminar

Shobu Aikido in Boston

January 13th, 2018

At these workshops, Gleason Sensei teaches us how to develop our ability to move with ease and alignment. He wants us to understand Aikido deeply, to learn how to do the inner work that helps us do Aikido without relying on any physical force.


Ukemi & Connection Seminar

with Charles Colten Sensei

Brattleboro, VT

January 20th - 21st, 2018

These are wonderful seminars, both on and off the mat. The instructional emphasis is learning to move in a grounded, connected, and responsive way at all points of engagement with our partners. There is always a wonderful Saturday evening potluck party complete with story-telling. All are welcome to stay at the dojo.


Zen Stones

Meditation and the Martial Arts

January 28th, 2018
12:00 - 3:00pm
Location: Zenshinkan Dojo

This Month: Hojo Walk
Instructor: Tom Maney
For details call: (508) 799-9106 or email: info@zenshinkan.com

  • We will explore breath and mind-body relationship using a form of walking that integrates posture, moving and breathing
  • We will meditate, walk and use body awareness to find our center
  • Non Aikido folks are welcome.

Aimée Bel Sensei Workshop

Monadnock Aikikai in Keene, NH

February 10th, 2018

This will be a one-day workshop with our friends from New Hampshire. The workshop focus is moving with ease and integrity.


Memorial Aikido Seminar

Featuring Ed Germanov Sensei

April 20nd - 22th, 2018
Location: Zenshinkan Dojo

For details call: (508) 799-9106 or email: info@zenshinkan.com

The intent of this seminar is to gather together for a weekend to honor the late teachers that influenced Zenshinkan Dojo's development in the best way we possibly can: by training! This seminar honors the teachers we are celebrating and the students who are following in their footsteps.

6th Dan, Aikikai, the director of Tendokan Aikido International and a student of the late Fumio Toyoda Shihan. Zenshinkan is a member dojo of Tendokan Aikido International. Germanov Sensei has dedicated his life and training to Zen and Aikido. In his instruction, he emphasizes shugyo and the pursuit of freedom.

Please join us for this special event!
Full details including costs, hotels, directions etc... are in the flyer:

Click here to get the 2018 Memorial Aikido Seminar Pdf

Entire Seminar ($120)

Friday only ($80) 7pm-9pm
Black belt class (open to yudansha, brown belts, and uchideshi of any rank

Saturday only ($90) 10am - 1pm, 3pm - 6pm (4 classes)

Sunday only ($60) 10am - 1pm (2 classes)

Per class ($30)

Training Options

Summer Aikido Seminar

Featuring Mary Heiny Sensei

Jun 22nd - 24th, 2018
Location: Zenshinkan Dojo

“O-Sensei constructed a path for each of us to become
strong yet compassionate, be motivated by mutual benefit
not winning and to be a source of harmony in the world
rather than discord. Although many people would like to
reach this state of being, most of us don’t have any idea
where to start. Aikido is a gateway to such personal
transformation because it touches on all aspects of who we
are and how we relate to others. ” -Mary Heiny Sensei

Please join us for this special event!
Full details including costs, hotels, directions etc... are coming